Saw Kaydence Kox after seeing many great reviews about her and wanted to add my views.

Performance wise she is one of the best there is. Excellent energy, interest and fun girl to be around. She knows what she's doing and does a great job at it. She even "came" during the session which I really like. I don't know if it was real or not but it was the first time I had a SP do that and I really liked it.

CBJ when I thought she said she did BBBJ. It's a dealbreaker for me in booking an SP so I was surprised that she was safe only. I was disappointed but her excellent attitude made up for it.

Looks wise she's not quite my cup of tea. While attractive, I usually like my girls really young and tight. Nothing wrong with Kaydence, just not what I was expecting. I guess I am an agency girl type of guy.

I'll would repeat though. Great gal.